who we are

The primary goal of M3 Consulting Group is aiding federal, state, academic, and corporate entities with the engineering and regulatory challenges that accompany Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). M3 Consulting Group specializes in the development and customization of UAS to support Plant Protection and Quarantine goals in diverse work environments. This work includes not only constructing aircraft and advancing open source software to safely operate systems, M3 also conducts field testing and technical transfer. Current research includes: Survey and detection of invasive plants and animals, the aerial release of sterile insects for SIT (sterile insect technique), and development of strategy and policy for the effective use of UAS in the National Airspace System.


M3 Consulting Group was selected as the 2017 USDA-APHIS Small Business Contractor of the Year for their service and support in bringing Unmanned Aircraft Systems into diverse missions within the United States Department of Agriculture.

2016 USDA-APHIS Small Business Contractor of the Year